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Lulu Appleton
“I’m part of THE HARLEY STREET HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC which employs the country’s leading hypnotherapists and psychotherapists. We’re highly qualified professionals achieving excellent results with our patients. Our success rates are why patients recommended us.”
Lulu Appleton
To find out more, please contact me on 07836 334556 or email: luluappleton@gmail.com


The combination of these two therapies produces one of the most powerful and dynamic techniques. When used together, they deliver the fastest, safest and most effective results. Hypnotherapy accesses your unconscious mind, and enables you to disconnect all the old thoughts and habits that hold you back. Psychotherapy can help you understand what’s going on with you so you can make spectacular changes to your life effortlessly and naturally. You feel positive and empowered. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a massive difference. Now you get to become the person you want to be… Click here to learn more or please contact me.


You really want to be slimmer. You know what gets in the way. Why can’t you stop doing something you don’t want to want to do anymore? Hypnotherapy can get you to where you want to be, once and for all. Hypnotherapy shows you how to embrace food and make it work for you - not against you. Food is a friend, not an enemy. It’s the fuel that powers you around your day. You CAN lose weight, look forward to meals and enjoy them. You CAN get back to normal…Click here to learn more or please contact me.

Four years ago, after I had my second baby, a spare tyre settled comfortably around my waist and refused to budge. Nothing I tried seemed able to puncture it. I went to the gym three times a week, I gave up alcohol, I tried the Atkins diet and went to WeightWatchers. But the bathroom scales still told the same depressing story. So as a last resort, I decided to try to lose some weight by hypnosis…Click here to learn more or please contact me.


We can grasp fears with our minds, but anxiety grips us from within. Anxiety is not a condition - it’s a symptom. The brain is signalling that something is not right. Don’t allow yourself to enter victim mode. Fear is a bully and if you face it, it backs down…Click here to learn more or please contact me.


We all experience anxiety from time to time. But anxiety among teenagers is one of the most common issues affecting young people. Teenage anxiety can be overwhelming, taking over young lives.Click here to learn more or please contact me.


The way we see ourselves mirrors the way others see us. Comfortable confidence means you don’t change yourself to fit in, you are comfortable with who you are. You know your strengths and your limitations. As your inner confidence emerges, you become your authentic, real self…Click here to learn more or please contact me.


If you decide to stop, hypnotherapy will get you there. Anyone can stop. Anyone can live without cigarettes. Giving them up will be the most intelligent decision you ever made. You will have made a great trade, proving to yourself that you can give up a poisonous habit for something priceless, your health…Click here to learn more or please contact me.


Our conscious minds are all reason and logic. Our unconscious minds run on pure emotion and have no concept of time. The word emotion comes from ‘motor’ meaning to move, drive, motivate. No wonder these powerful forces direct our lives and govern how we feel from day to day…Click here to learn more or contact me